Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer Review And Discount

Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer offers superior flavor and fastest heat up time as this is the reason why you can call it the perfect vaporizer for you as it enables you to use small amount of herbs in one time so that you can take breaks between the draws. It is also known as a one hit at a time device that allows you to pause during the vaping session as you will not have to reload the material because you can use the same herbs with breaks. It is one of the most efficient portable vaporizer that is especially made for concentrates and dry herbs as it is outstandingly amazing as it is lighter and smaller than its previous version with improved battery life.

Firefly 2 is a pure convection and quick hitter vaporizer that helps you to vape in short sessions because it has small chambers for delivering instant heat. It is a use on demand device that does not have ramp up time as you can easily pack small amounts of herbs for using on demand. It is compatible with waxy concentrates and dry herb which can be used according to your tastes and preferences as you can also activate higher temperature settings for an enhanced vaping experience. This device activates and start heating with a touch of a button and when the light turns green you can start using this device for getting instant hit. The heating chamber helps you place the dry herbs as it does not become very hot because Firefly 2 is insulated in an excellent manner so that its glass body remains cool and does not become hot while vaping. It is a well built device that offer you cool and flavorful vapor as you can inhale it for an enjoyable experience. As the material is fully and carefully heated, you will not have to worry about any kind of smell coming during the vaping process. Moreover you will not have to worry about losing any components during vaping because you can easily inhale the material within seconds of heating. It is a very efficient device where you will not have to wait as there is no heating time and thus you have the opportunity of enjoying multiple sessions with same bowl. The herbs that you use in this device will be heated only when you are inhaling and the vapor inside the device will help in blowing around your herbs so that it can be mixed properly for even heating.

The strength of Firefly 2 is amazing as it is a light weight Firefly 2 device that helps you to get instant hit as it is also charged very quickly so that you can enjoy yourself during the vaping process. There are different heating profiles that are available in the device so that you can select the temperature settings for satisfying your personal needs. You have five different heating profiles for the dry herb while you have additional concentrate heating profile for the oils, wax and also concentrates.